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Our STEAM Program

The cross-curriculum STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) program at Hoover is building our next generation of innovators and difference makers. 

Computer science, coding and engineering span across classrooms at an age-appropriate progression beginning with block-based programs. Learning step-by-step, students explore many other areas of programming, electronics, and builds by grade 8. STEAM students begin to apply their knowledge across the curriculum and are empowered to demonstrate knowledge in new, exciting ways.

The hands-on Maker Space gives students the opportunity to put their designs to the test while they create prototypes with various tools. While exercising critical thinking skills and learning to collaborate with teams, students are eager to solve real-world problems and engineering challenges. 

Skills learned in the STEAM program serve students across academic disciplines and in daily life–from coding and the design process to team building and creative problem solving.